Set up Buy Now or Free Trial Purchase Flow

Now, we’ll set up the behavior for your listing’s Buy Now or Start a Free Trial call-to-action buttons.

Email address for notifications

Click edit integration on the left navigation. Enter the email address that should be notified when new users want to purchase or try your product. Someone will need to take the action to manually provision users after they receive this email.

Define link Your customer’s My App’s Page

After you provision users, they will be able access your application from an app tile on their My Apps page from their App Center account.

On the edit authentication tab, enter the URL that users should be re-directed to when they click the app tile in their My Apps interface. The bookmark method option allows users to be pointed to a URL once they click the tile in their My Apps page.

You can skip events and the accounts tabs.

Now, you’re setup here is complete.

What’s Next?

Next, push the submit button and someone from the App Center team will review your app’s marketing content against our content guidelines. We want to help make your app succeed on our marketplace. This review process will take up to 2 business days. You may receive feedback based on the guidance within this document.