Pricing Guidelines

Pricing is required for purchasable listings on the SAP App Center. There’s good reason for you to display pricing. Solutions that display pricing are proven to convert at higher rates. If you do not display pricing and one of your competitors does, you will be put at a disadvantage, especially on the App Center as it is so easy to compare solutions.

Pricing Strategy and Setup

Free Trial

Free trial: We highly recommend offering a Free Trial. A trial edition of a product allows for all potential customers to test drive a product for a set period of time before purchasing. Customers want to try a product before they buy it.

The majority of our partners who offer a free trial do so with one that lasts for 30 days. On the App Center, free trials do not automatically convert into paid subscriptions.

When you first open the editions tab, you’ll see the edition that you chose in the initial set up screen already created. You can edit this one and modify however you like or click ‘add new edition.’

How Do I set up my free trial?
Edition information

First, you’ll need to complete the ‘edition information’ block.


Payment Plans

Now, you’re ready to set the duration and grace period of your free trial.

What the customer sees:

Included items:
In this section, you have the opportunity to specify what is included with each free trial. You should use this space to specify how many users and other units such as storage space are included. You will be required to include at least one user.

Edition Features and Benefits
You should create separate features to define what features are included so that users are able to compare editions based on the functionality they will receive by purchasing that edition.

Low Price Starter Edition
We recommend adding a low-priced starter edition to allow for a small number of users to use the full functionality of your product for a longer period as a pilot, which may lead to a larger sale.

How do I set up my Low Price Starter edition?

Edition Information


Payment Plans
Under payment plans, you should leave the free trial period and free trial grace period blank for your starter edition. If you would like to set up a free trial you should do so in the form of a separate edition. Under revenue model, you will need to specify whether your pricing will be recurring or if you will only charge the customer once.

One-time Price
If you choose one-time pricing as your revenue model, you’ll see the screen below.

Flat Price
If you want to include a flat rate one-time fee, click the add a flat rate price and define the price for each currency. You can choose to leave this blank.

One-time Price Per unit
For your starter edition, we recommend that you only include pricing for one tier of users.

Setup Fee
If you would like to charge a one-time set-up fee when a customer purchases your product, you can enter the price here for all currencies enabled on the Listing Info tab.

What the customer sees

Included Items
If you are using unit pricing, you should leave the included items section blank unless you would like to include a set number of units of an item at no charge.

Edition Features and benefits
Here, you should include edition features and benefits that define what is unique to this pricing plan.