Determine Your Pricing Model

Pricing Display

Partners are required to offer at least one pricing option to customers from the below. Note that a ‘Contact Me’ button that allows you to accept leads is always shown in addition to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Try Now’ buttons. These buttons are added automatically.

You can set up your pricing under the editions section while you are editing your product.

You can return to the edit your product screen by clicking your name in the upper right corner, then publish apps, then the products tab along the top, then click edit next to the product for which you’d like to edit pricing and marketing content.

Read more below, or watch this video:

At least one of the 2 pricing editions below is required:

  1. Display a starting price

We recommend that you offer a pricing edition that allows a customer to purchase your product with limited functionality or a small number of users so they can try your product with a small number of users before they decide to deploy further.

  1. Offer complete, which might be tiered pricing

App Center is flexible and allows you to enter tiered pricing per unit or user, one-time pricing, or a combination of both.

Additionally, we highly recommend you to offer one of the following editions:

Offer a Free Trial edition

Optional Contact Us Pricing edition
Once you’ve satisfied the above requirement, we encourage you to create another pricing edition with a ‘contact us’ button that gives a customer the option to inquire about customized pricing. You can specify in the description of this pricing edition what you are offering in this edition that goes beyond what they would receive in one of your publicly viewable pricing editions. The customer and partner will then be able to transact on the App Center platform against non-public, customized pricing.

For a more in depth guide on how to configure pricing, see this page here.

What do I do if my pricing is determined by multiple factors such as customer revenue, # of transactions, hours billed, etc.?

We recommend that you create a few sample pricing editions that serve as sample “packages” for customers to get a better overview of how your pricing works. The customer can then contact you for pricing that is specific to them.

Metered Billing

Developers can also charge users for their variable use of a product during each billing period with our Metered Billing method. Read the guide here to learn how to set this up.

What’s next?

Visit our content best practices guide to see how to create a great listing. We want to see you succeed, so we review all apps closely against the criteria in this guide, so review the content closely.