Determine Your Listing Type

The guide below will help you to determine how you will set up your listing on the SAP App Center. Once you’ve chosen from the options below, you’ll be ready to start creating your listing.

Pricing Display

Partners are required to offer at least one pricing option to customers from the below. Note that a ‘Contact Me’ button that allows you to accept leads is always shown in addition to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Try Now’ buttons. After you’ve completed the initial setup of your listing, you can find a how-to guide on pricing here.

At least one of the 3 pricing editions below is required:
1. Offer a Free Trial edition

2. Offer a One-Time purchase edition

3. Offer a subscription priced by units(with tiering or not), a flat rate, or both

Optional Pricing edition
Create another pricing edition with a ‘contact me’ button that gives a customer the option to inquire about customized pricing. The customer and partner will then be able to transact on the App Center platform against non-public, customized pricing.

Determine How You Will Transact

There are two options available to you that determine the transact-ability of your listing.

  1. Self-Checkout
    This type of listing will display a “Buy Now” button on your listing. You’ll be able to accept orders electronically at any time of the day and customers can check out without human interaction. Once users purchase your app, they’ll be able to access it along with their other SAP App Center apps from other developers in their portal. The provisioning of new users can be done automatically with some one-time setup work involved or it can be done manually for each transaction with less initial setup work involved.

  2. Assisted Selling
    This type of listing will display a “Contact Me” button that allows a customer to contact the partner to buy the product. Users can be provisioned manually so that they can access your applications through the App Center portal alongside all of their other SAP App Center apps.

What’s next?

Now that you know the different options available to you to set up your listing, you’re ready to create your product. Visit our guide on How to Create a Listing.