Listing Types Overview

Partners are required to offer at least one pricing option to customers from the below. Note that a ‘Contact Me’ button that allows you to accept leads is always shown in addition to ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Try Now’ buttons. After you’ve completed the initial setup of your listing, you can find a how-to guide on pricing here.

At least one of the 3 pricing editions below is required:
1. Offer a Free Trial edition

2. Offer a One-Time purchase edition

3. Offer a subscription priced by units(with tiering or not), a flat rate, or both

Optional Pricing edition
Create another pricing edition with a ‘contact me’ button that gives a customer the option to inquire about customized pricing. The customer and partner will then be able to transact on the App Center platform against non-public, customized pricing.

Partners have two options to choose from to facilitate the provisioning of new users to their solutions. Learn how to get started with your integration here.

  1. A dashboard interface for provisioning users(Manual Integration)
    This type of listing is managed through manual events that must be completed by someone with the developer role on the SAP App Center who is part of your company. The way this works is that after a customer purchases your product, you or someone who is part of your company must manually set up the account for the customer on your company’s server. After the account is created use the event that was created when the customer purchased the product to send out the login information to the customer. The customer will then be able to access the app through the SAP App Center as long as it is a cloud based app.

  2. Provision users by API (Automated Integration)
    An automated transact listing allows for the use of API calls to automatically communicate between the SAP App Center and your company’s server for a customer to access a purchase.
    Note: An automated transact listing works best with apps that run on a cloud platform.