Create a New Listing

You can create a listing by following these easy steps, below.

If you haven’t yet read our guide to determine what listing type you’ll choose as you complete the steps below, you can find the guide here.

  1. Make sure you have developer permissions. If you do not have permissions, you will not be able to see ‘publish apps’ under step 3. Please contact support at to have developer permissions assigned to you.

  2. Log into the SAP App Center platform at

  3. Click your name in the upper right corner, then click ‘publish apps’.

4. Click ‘Products’ along the top ribbon.

5. Click the blue add product button on the right side of the page. Then you should see the ‘Create New Product’ page.

6. Fill out your product’s name. This name should match the name as it is known to SAP and shown in the Manage My Apps tool.

7. Choose Service type: Choose a standalone product if you have never launched an app on the App Center before. Choose Add-on if you are creating additional pricing options that you want to be shared across multiple SAP App Center listings that belong to you.

8. Product Type: You should choose Web Application (manual setup) if you will provision new users manually or if you’ll be accepting orders through our assisted sale process. Choose the Web App option if you will provision users automatically.

9. Integration type:

Choose the full integration option if you will accept purchases with a Buy Now button on your product page. Choose referral only if you will only display pricing with a Contact Me button and accept orders through our Assisted Sale process.

10. Choose your revenue model. This will become the pricing scheme of the first pricing edition that is created for your application. Note that you can modify this later and add additional pricing editions.

What’s Next?

Now you’re ready to develop your app’s content which will help you sell your app. See our content guidelines here to learn what our requirements are so we ensure we sell many subscriptions of your app, together.