Integration Report – Manual

If your listing has been set to manual integration mode that allows you to manually provision new users, you’ll need to complete the Integration report before you can submit your app listing for publishing.

To get started:

  1. Login to the App Center
  2. Click on the navigational dropdown in the upper right and choose Publish Apps

  1. Click on products on the navigational ribbon
  2. Click Edit Product for the product that is now enabled for transaction
  3. Find the Integration tabs on the left side of the screen

  1. On the Edit Integration tab, enter the email address that will be notified when a customer purchases the product and save

  1. Next on the Edit Authentication tab,
    1. There are several different methods that can be used on this tab, the mostly commonly used method is the Bookmark method.
    2. After selecting the Bookmark method, enter the URL that customers will use to access your solution after you’ve manually provisioned their user and click save.


  1. Next click the Integration Report tab
    1. Click the ‘Mark Complete’ the buttons at the bottom of the integration report tab.

  1. Now it is time to test the subscription of the product
    1. Run the test for test #1
    2. Choose the edition to use for the remaining tests
    3. Click create subscription
    4. Make sure the check box is selected under order information
    5. Click continue
    6. And then click return to overview

    1. Now it is time to complete the Open event that is tied to the subscription, a similar step will need to be taken care of every time a customer purchases the product
        1. Click on the Event tab under Integration
        2. Click the Complete Event button
        3. Now choose event succeeded, and click save

    1. Now it is time to run test 2 to 5, just remember to complete the event after doing the test.
      1. Note: if the subscription only allows 1 user, instead of starting with adding a user, start with removing a user, completing the event, and then adding the user.
    2. After the integration report is 100% complete the product is ready to be republished with the updated information.


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