Getting Started


What are the requirements to list an app on the SAP App Center?

You need a valid partnership and to pass the App Readiness Check.

In order to list on the SAP App Center as a partner, you must have one of the following valid partnership agreements with SAP:

  • SAP PartnerEdge – Build (formally known as SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development)
  • OEM
  • SAP.IO
  • Cloud Solution Partners (for SAP Business ByDesign)
  • Global Services Partners
  • Global Technology Partners
  • Partners with a previous partner participation agreement on the SAP Store, SAP Analytics Extension Directory, Concur App Center or the SAP Hybris Extend Marketplace.
  • SAP PartnerEdge Integrate (pilot program)
  • Analytics extensions may be listed by any SAP PartnerEdge partner on silver, gold or platinum partner level

You can begin the App Readiness Check process here:
Application Readiness Check – PE Build | Application Readiness Check – Other

Once your app passes the App Readiness check, you’ll need to build out your listing on the SAP App Center platform. Note that this is separate from the manage my apps tool screen that your work with while preparing for the App Readiness Check. View our guide to determine your listing type before you get set up on the App Center platform.


How much does it cost to list an app on the SAP App Center?

Listing an app on the SAP App Center is free with a valid partnership.

How do I create an account on the SAP App Center?

An account on the SAP App Center requires having an SAP IDP account, and an IDP account can be created by going to here. After the IDP account is created login to the SAP App Center from here and clicking Log In in the upper right of the page.