Get Ready to Publish Your App

Step 1: Become a Partner

You need a valid partnership with SAP to be able to list your app on the SAP App Center.

Are you already a partner? The SAP App Center allows existing SAP partners to publish their application. Find out your next steps here.

Not yet a partner? Join SAP PartnerEdge today.

Step 2: Complete the App Readiness Check

PartnerEdge members should complete the App Readiness check by following the link here.

Step 3: Create Your Product on SAP App Center

If you’ve never created a product on App Center before, Click here to send an email to our support team to have developer permissions assigned to you. Further instructions to begin creating your product will follow in an email.

If you’ve created a product on App Center before, you’ll be able to log in to App Center and create a new product. Follow instructions here.