Set up Manual Provisioning

If your listing is set up as a manual integration type, you’ll be able to accept transactions on the App Center platform with a Buy Now button. You will provision new users manually each time rather than use API calls to make this happen automatically.

Before you’ll be able to request publication for your listing, you’ll need to complete the manual integration report.

Before you begin, ensure that the currency you have selected in the upper right corner of your screen is one of the currencies for which you’ve entered a price in the pricing editions tab.

Watch this video to learn how to complete the Integration report or follow the steps below.

First, navigate to the edit listing screen:

  1. Log in to the App Center
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner and choose Publish Apps

  3. Click on products on the top ribbon
  4. Click Edit Product for the product that you are enabling for transact ability
  5. Find the Integration section on the left navigation bar of the screen
  6. First, visit the Edit Integration tab, and enter the email address that you’d like to be notified when a customer purchases the product and a new user needs to be provisioned. Click save
  7. Next click the Edit Authentication tab. When you provision new users to the App Center platform, your product icon will appear in their My Space view. When they click the product icon the customer will be able to access your application. The edit authentication screen is where you’ll specify where users are pointed to when they click the product icon.

    There are several different methods that can be used on this tab, the mostly commonly used method is the Bookmark method. This method allows you to specify a URL that the user is sent to.

    After selecting the Bookmark method, enter the URL that customers will use to access your solution after you’ve manually provisioned their user and click save.
  8. Next click the Integration Report tab
  9. Click the ‘Mark Complete’ the buttons at the bottom of the integration report tab.
  10. Now, you’re ready to start the first test.
  11. Click run test next to 1. Subscribe to Your Product
  12. In the next screen, select any edition
  13. Then, check off all of the boxes on the Order Details screen and click continue
  14. Now, you’ll see a green bar along the top that says your product has been successfully subscribed too. Click return to overview
  15. Now, an event is open to create a subscription. You’ll need to manually mark this event as complete. A similar step will need to be taken care of every time a customer purchases the product.
    Click on the Event tab under Integration

  16. Look for the event that says SUBSCRIPTION_ORDER and click the complete event button underneath this line.
  17. Next, in the popup window that is displayed, choose event succeeded, and click save
  18. Next, skip test 2, and instead click ‘run test’ next to test 3.
  19. On the assign users to Apps screen, uncheck the checkbox next to your user name.
  20. Then click save changes.
  21. Then click return to overview in the lower left corner
  22. Click the events tab on the left side, then click Complete Event under “User_Unassignment”.
  23. Then, click event succeeded in the popover window. Then click the save button.
  24. Next, push the run test button next to Test 2.
  25. Click the checkbox next to any user’s name
  26. Then click the ‘save changes’ button to the right
  27. Then click the return to overview button
  28. Then, click the events tab on the left side bar.
  29. Then click ‘Complete Event’ under the User_Assignment line.
  30. Next, select event succeeded in the popup window, and then click save.
  31. Go back to the integration report tab and click run test next to test 4
  32. Select a different edition or change the quantity and click continue to product settings. You you only have one edition set up or your edition doesn’t allow for an additional quantity or your edition is configured to not allow modifications, you’ll need to either add a new edition or change the settings to be able to complete this test
  33. Otherwise, modify the subscription quantity or change the edition and click continue to product settings
  34. Then, once you see confirmation that the subscription has been modified, click return to overview
  35. Next, visit the events tab and click complete event under the Subscription Change event
  36. In the next popover window, click the radio button ‘Event Succeeded’ and then click save
  37. Next click run test next to test 5.
  38. Then click the cancel subscription button
  39. In the popover window click yes
  40. Then, click return to overview
  41. Then, visit the events tab and click complete event under Subscription_Cancel
  42. Then, in the popover window, select ‘event succeeded’ and then click save
  43. Click the integration report tab and you should now see that the percentage shows at 100%
  44. Next, click run Test next to each of the following tests and then click the return to overview button immediately after completing each step. Then, complete the event under the events tab each time.
  45. Note: if the subscription only allows 1 user, instead of starting with adding a user, start with removing a user, completing the event, and then adding the user.
  46. After the integration report is 100% complete, the product will be ready to be published so long as you have the other required fields on other tabs filled out.