Selling on SAP App Center

How to Process a Sale on SAP App Center?

Processing a sale is critical to ensure that SAP AE’s get credited for helping to sell your solution.

What steps do I need to take to recognize a sale on SAP App Center?

After you and your customer sign your order form, you’ll be ready to process your order on SAP App Center. Just sign your usual order form with your customer.

Complete these two steps:

  1. Fill out our order process template and download here.

  2. Send this document in addition to a copy of your order form with your customer to our deal support team at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does SAP need a copy of the partner to customer order form?

SAP requires a copy of the partner to customer order form so that we can ensure we are correctly billing you as the partner company regarding billing frequency and contract terms. We also require this as proof of a transaction. This document is stored securely. You may also black out unit pricing.

Will SAP App Center create an invoice to the customer?

No, there will be no invoice sent from the SAP App Center to the customer. Note that you will see a pro-forma invoice addressed to your customer in the invoices tab when you are logged in to This is only a record of the transaction so that SAP can invoice you for SAP’s revenue share.

How often will I as the partner company receive invoices for revenue share?

The SAP App Center will invoice you for 15% of the transaction value on an invoice by invoice basis based on your invoice frequency with your customer (Monthly/Annually etc).

How do I know which SAP sales person will be credited for this order?

The SAP generalist and Line of Business specialist AEs that are assigned to the customer account will be credited. Please confirm with the SAP App Center Deal Support team,, as to who these employees are.