Assisted Selling Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Assisted Sale through the SAP App Center?

Assisted selling on SAP App Center allows you to process orders in your usual deal-processing workflow. An assisted sale can be processed with customer-specific pricing and using payment methods including ACH, check, or credit card. The partner and customer negotiate just like any other deal and you receive support to process the transaction with the SAP App Center support team.

What’s new as of July 2019?

Now, customers purchasing on SAP App Center no longer need to complete an order checkout flow or provide their consent to have the SAP App Center team process the transaction on the customer’s behalf.

All a partner needs to do is to complete a deal signing with their customer in their usual process just like any other deal that is processed outside of App Center. Partners should use their own order form. Once an order form is signed between customer and partner, partners should create a hidden pricing edition and then contact the SAP App Center Deal Support team at to kick off order processing on SAP App Center. See the next question for additional detail on how to process the order on SAP App Center.

How do I process an assisted sale on SAP App Center?

After you and your customer sign your order form, you’ll be ready to process your order on SAP App Center.

Step 1: Log in to and add a new hidden pricing edition to your product. You do this by creating a new pricing edition just as you would do normally, but you’ll want to ensure you select the checkbox “this edition is hidden from marketplace customers” to ensure that pricing is not publicly visible. Review our pricing documentation for step-by-step instructions (see hidden edition section). If you run into any trouble here, let us know in the email to our team in the next step below.

Step 2: Contact our deal support team at
For fast processing, ensure you include:

  1. Signed order form between you and your customer
  2. Customer first name, last name, email address
  3. Tell us whether or not taxes will be collected on this order
  4. Tell us whether or not this order includes ePaaS or an OEM license
  5. Tell us if this is a cloud subscription (will be set to auto renew)

How do I know if taxes will be included on our invoice to the customer?

Partner & SAP App Center team will have to make sure this matches correctly to Partner’s invoice numbers. If you’re unsure if taxes will be included on Partner to customer invoice, you should check with your internal invoicing department.

Why does SAP need a copy of the partner to customer order form?

SAP requires a copy of the partner to customer order form so that we can make sure a hidden pricing edition has been correctly created regarding pricing/billing frequency/contract terms.

Can this process accommodate customer-specific terms and conditions?

Yes, you can allow your customer to agree the terms specific to the order. Partners can either 1. Link to their hosted terms and conditions or 2. If an offline document for terms has been signed, the SAP App Center will display a screen to the customer that indicates that the partner should refer to the terms agreed to offline.

Will SAP App Center create an invoice to the customer?

No, there will be no invoice sent from the SAP App Center to the customer. Note that you will see a pro-forma invoice addressed to your customer in the invoices tab—this is only a record so that SAP can invoice you for SAP’s revenue share. The SAP App Center will invoice you separately for 15% of the transaction value on an invoice by invoice basis based on your invoice frequency with your customer (Monthly/Annually etc).

How do I know which SAP sales person will be credited for this order?

The SAP generalist and Line of Business specialist AEs that are assigned to the customer account will be credited. Please confirm with the SAP App Center Deal Support team,, as to who these employees are.