Set up Automatic Provisioning

What does “integrating” with the SAP App Center mean?

We offer manual integration and then also automatic integration. Manual integration is where you, the developer manually provision users each time your product is purchased. Automatic integration is where your solution is provisioned to users via API event handlers and subscription endpoints using your own listener service. The endpoints are stack agnostic and can be defined by you. The listener service is responsible for tenanting your service, while the SAP App Center provides subscription management, invoicing, and payment capabilities. Get started here.

Watch this video to learn more:

What are the requirements of automatic integration?

You must host a service that is able to respond to purchase, upgrade, and cancellation requests. These can either be handled synchronously or asynchronously depending on your solution fit.
What types of apps or services are the best fit for integration on the SAP App Center?
Best fit apps are low-touch, low to no configuration, turnkey solutions that sell on a by seat basis, and/or offer a free trial with subscription upgrade options.

What are the advantages of automatic integration?

You can achieve a truly automated digital experience for the delivery of your product or service to your customer in an SAP environment. You can take advantage of the App Center’s multi-currency invoicing, API based metering, user subscription and role management, SAP IDP services, and other useful technical components in your solution stack all without having to build them yourself. The SAP App Center supports both synchronous and asynchronous calls, and even has the option of custom order fields. This gives you a great deal of flexibility in in delivering your solution. For instance if your service requires additional manual config for initial install, but allows for instant turn around for things like adding additional user accounts later – you can configure your integration to reflect that.

Does integrating with the SAP App Center require your service to be on SAP Cloud platform?

No. However deploying on SAP Cloud Platform can have other benefits to your customer, and the App Center supports SAP Cloud Platform ePaaS.

How do I switch back to an automatic integration listing type if I originally selected the manual mode on the Create Your Listing screen?

Send an email to and someone will switch your listing to automatic mode.

How do I set up a manual integration?

This is the easiest method to set up, and allows your customers to buy your solution with a Buy Now button. Users need to be provisioned manually by someone from your team. If you selected the manual integration option when you first set up your product, read this guide here to set up your manual integration. You’ll need to complete this set up before you can request for you app to be published. If you selected automatic integration when you first set up your app and you’d like to switch to manual integration, send an email to and someone will switch your listing to manual mode.

What’s Next?

After you’ve completed your integration setup successfully, push the submit button and someone from the App Center team will review your app’s marketing content in accordance with our content guidelines. We want to help make your app succeed on our marketplace. This review process will take up to 2 business days. You may receive feedback based on the guidance within this document.